Foot pain can limit your activities in numerous ways. Whether you’re dealing with bunions, foot deformities, or some other ankle or foot problem, custom orthotics can provide the support you need to help relieve pain and prevent injuries. Today, Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County is sharing some benefits of custom orthotics which you may not be aware.

Pain relief: When creating your custom orthotics, we provide cushion and support where your feet need most need it, to relieve areas of pressure that can cause both acute and chronic pain. Orthotics can help with problems including:

Invisible support: If you’re concerned about visible or unsightly orthotics, you may be surprised at how well they can be hidden! In most cases, you can even use orthotic inserts in formal or athletic shoes.

Prevention of injuries: Additional support for your ankles and feet significantly decreases your risk of further injuries, including sprains and fractures. Your orthotics create a stable surface that totally supports your leg and foot motions, protecting you from over-extension or strain.

Comfortable workouts: With the right foot support, you can challenge yourself without worrying about injuries or foot pain. If you have foot deformities, you may need to use orthotics regularly to allow you to run or walk without risk of injury or discomfort.

Proper fit: When we prepare your custom orthotics, we carefully examine your ankles and feet, taking into consideration what kind of shoes you want to wear and any relevant information about your health. Custom orthotics are created to fit your foot exactly, so they’re particularly useful for complex foot conditions.

After performing a thorough examination, we can guide you to the right support for your ankles, feet, and legs. To leave your foot pain behind you this year, contact the office of Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County at (812) 481-7200 to schedule a visit or request an appointment online.