Best Treatments for Heel Pain

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Heel Pain

Almost everybody experiences heel pain from time to time—at the end of a long day at work or vacation, for example. But when heel pain becomes chronic, it goes far beyond being a temporary nuisance. In short, it can make life a daily struggle, if not outright miserable, especially if you can barely get through work and chores, let alone any of the fun activities you used to enjoy.

Fortunately, Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper offers effective treatment remedies for heel pain. Whether you’re eight years old or 80, and whether your pain is predominately caused by plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, flat feet, or something else. After diagnosing your discomfort, we’ll recommend a treatment plan which may include one or more of the following strategies:

  • Rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE). It’s tough in today’s fast-paced world, but you still need to give your feet time to heal. RICE therapy involves avoiding intense activity for a brief time, while using strategies like ice packs, compression wraps, and propping your feet up to facilitate healing and quash pain and swelling.
  • Changing your shoes. Far too often, we hurt because our footwear is failing us. As much as you might love your shoes, you may need to switch them out if they aren’t providing adequate cushioning and support.
  • For some people, a good pair of off-the-rack shoes isn’t quite enough, due to fundamental flaws in their foot structure. For those in this category, we offer a range of options, including prefabricated insoles that you can slide into your regular shoes, shoes with integrated orthotic supports, and custom orthotics specially made based on a mold of your own two feet.
  • Physical therapy. Stretches, exercise, and even massage can be important components of treatment for many heel pain conditions, as they can relieve stress, loosen tight tendons, and help you resist re-injury.
  • Splints or braces. For certain conditions (such as plantar fasciitis), splints that you wear at night can help keep tight calf muscles elongated while you sleep, reducing the strain and struggle when you get up again.
  • Often simple over-the-counter painkillers can make a big difference. For some (though not all) heel pain conditions, cortisone shots might also be recommended for tough pain.
  • The good news is that heel pain will almost always clear up using conservative options. Most cases will not get to this stage. However, for those that do, we offer excellent surgical care, with most procedures able to be accomplished in our office.

When your attempts at self-management aren’t working and heel pain begins to intrude more and more into your daily living, it’s time to seek out the help you need. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tim Barry at Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper by dialing (812) 481-7200.

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