What Foot Problems Can Kids Have?

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Children's Foot Care

If you’re a parent, you already know that even the most well-behaved kids can get into all kinds of trouble from time to time! Unfortunately, so can their feet. Furthermore, children’s foot problems can often be quite different from the ones more common in adults.

The first kind of problem we’ll talk about is genetic or inherited deformities. Now obviously, everybody has different feet—they’re as unique as you are! Unfortunately, some foot structures or positions are more likely to lead to pain and problems, if not in childhood then later in life. You may notice flat feet,  or an unusual walking pattern (toes pointed inward or outward, walking on toes, limping, etc.), for example. It’s possible that some of these problems may correct themselves in time, but it’s always a wise decision to flag down an expert like Dr. Barry to get your child’s feet examined, at least so he can rule out more serious conditions.

Kids also have underdeveloped immune systems, at least compared to those of us who’ve been around the block a few times. They also are more likely to put their bare skin in contact with germ-infested surfaces during their running and playing. That makes them more susceptible to minor skin irritations and infections that most of us filter out, like warts or athlete’s foot. You might notice another problem—their feet can really stink sometimes!

Of course, all that running and playing around, especially once your children are old enough to play organized sports, opens up a whole new world of risk. These can include the same kinds of sports injuries you might develop as a fortysomething “weekend warrior,” like Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, or broken bones. But there are a few child-only injuries that might occur, such as damage to the growth plate of the heel.

Is your child is experiencing difficulty walking or playing without pain? Are they “walking funny,” or do their feet look a little out of alignment? Your best bet is to see a family-based foot expert with experiencing diagnosing and treating conditions for young patients. To set up an appointment for you and your child, please call Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper at (812) 481-7200.

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