Gift-giving has been a fundamental part of holiday celebrations for generations. And sometimes it can be challenging to find that perfect gift, especially for the seniors in our lives. Let’s face it, by the time they reach their golden years, many seniors already have everything they could ever need or desire. So this holiday season, think outside the box. Consider gifting the seniors in your life items to help them care for their feet. It just might just be the perfect gift! Today, Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper is sharing some ideas.

Senior feet need a lot of loving care for several reasons. For instance, as we age:

  • Muscles and connective tissues begin to weaken;
  • Circulation is not as strong as it once was;
  • Seniors become more vulnerable to serious diseases that affect the feet, such as diabetes.
  • Bones start to get thinner and weaker.

Taking special care of our feet helps stop serious problems from developing, and helps seniors maintain their mobility and flexibility. There are some rather simple items that can help seniors care for their feet – and they can make great gifts!

Socks: While our children may not appreciate opening a package of socks on Christmas morning, for a senior who suffers from poor circulation, a nice, thick pair of socks can be a welcome gift and make the difference between toasty and icy toes. Choose synthetic or woolen socks that have moisture-absorbing properties – they are the wisest choice because they help pull moisture away from the skin.

Pampering: Because it becomes more challenging to keep skin moisturized as we age, a nourishing foot cream could be a great gift. Giving bath crystals is another great gift so they can give their feet a real treat.

Slippers: Slippers with thick soles that are supportive and warm are great, especially for those suffering from diabetes. The thick, sturdy soles can help protect the feet if they step on something sharp, and for someone with diabetes, this is crucial for helping prevent injuries that can lead to ulcers.

Help the seniors in your life stay strong on their feet in their golden years. For more information regarding proper senior foot care, or to schedule an appointment, call the office of  Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper at (812) 481-7200 or request an appointment online.