Harry’s Hurting Heels

by | May 18, 2016 | Heel Pain

Harry is a normal kid, who loves to run and play
Bats and balls and jumping jacks, the boy could go all day!

There came a time, as tends to be, when his growth had hit a spurt
But Harry found when he went to play, his heels began to hurt

That heel pain Harry tried to hide, with every wincing hop
If mom and dad found out, he thought, they’d surely make him stop!

But mom and dad could see that Harry’s heels were facing trouble
He didn’t run like he once had, and his heel pain made him wobble

“It’s time for help,” said mom and dad, to their active son.
“What good are sports and games if you’re too hurting to have fun?”

They made a call to Jasper, to be seen by Dr. Barry
The boy feared this would be the end; the ideas he had were scary!

But Harry’s fears did not come true, the doctor proved most kind
He heard all of Harry’s problems and sought to ease his mind:

“You will need to rest and stretch and take some medication,
but soon enough you will be back to all your recreation!”

It was hard at first for Harry to sit out for being sore,
But then he could go back to play just like he had before

To run and jump and bound and catch, his pain no longer there
When something hurts it’s best to say and get the proper care!

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