When Kids Get Tripped Up

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Children's Foot Care

Playground songs are a great way for kids to get their running and yelling out all at once. Who can forget such classics as “London Bridge,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and “Five Little Monkeys.” But what if you see your child’s “Skip to My Lou” is more often a “Trip to My Lou?” Should you have reason for concern when you see your child tripping?

Tripping is often a part of a child’s development, especially as they develop their sense of observation and where their feet are. Some children tend to be more impulsive than others, dashing off without thinking and sometimes tumbling or running into things because of it. In normal cases, your child’s awareness should increase over time and create fewer incidences of clumsiness.

If you see no changes over several months, however, it could be a sign of another problem. Gait problems such as flat feet or in-toeing can result in a child tripping over themselves regularly. In most cases, these are also conditions that tend to resolve themselves by the age of 3 or so. If you do see signs of flatfoot or a turning of the feet, it is best to have your child professionally examined to help ensure everything is progressing normally and is not at risk of becoming permanent.

If gait problems are not to blame, other potential reasons might include poor eyesight or a neurological condition.

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