Can the Right Shoes Help Foot Pain?

by | Apr 20, 2017 | General Foot Care

Most people know that stiletto high heels are bad for your feet. Hoisting heels into the air, throwing all your weight on the front of your feet, and scrunching toes into a point, obviously, is going to lead to some pain and discomfort. Likewise, flip flops clearly have the opposite problem—flat, flimsy, and no support means bad news for your heels and arches.

However, it’s less obvious that even supposedly “comfortable” shoes with all the ergonomic and biomechanically correct features in the world might cause pain and stress on your heels and arches if they don’t fit you correctly, or if they aren’t the right choice for the specific activity or sport you’re performing while you wear them. The right pair of shoes is a huge asset, alleviating foot pain, reducing the risk of injury, and allowing you to go longer farther without discomfort. The wrong ones, however, may leave you hobbling in pain!

We offer an on-site shoe store with professional gait analysis. Please feel free to stop in and take a look! Whether here or elsewhere, however, here are some shoe shopping tips for getting the right fit:

  • Walking shoes tend to make the best, most comfortable everyday footwear as long as they fit your feet correctly. They tend to provide good cushioning and arch support for a wide variety of everyday activities.
  • Opt for low (but not completely flat) heels. If you must have a pair of high heels for special occasions, cap it at 2” and try to go with wider, chunkier styles.
  • Don’t squish your toes! The best shoes are more square at the front, with room for toes to wiggle in all directions. The front of the shoe should be about half an inch from the longest toe.
  • If you run or play a particular sport avidly, you should get shoes specifically for that purpose. A specialty retailer can help you pick out a style that provides the features you need based on your feet and the way you run.
  • Shop in the afternoon or evening, with the same type of socks you’d be wearing with your shoes. Since feet tend to swell during the day, this helps ensure that your shoes will fit properly even when your feet are at their largest.

If chronic foot pain after a long day is a constant battle—even with shoes that are supposed to be “comfortable”—make a point of seeing Family Foot Care of Jasper. It may be the case that you simply need a new pair of shoes, in which case we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction! In other cases, you may require a little extra help, such as custom orthotics or physical therapy.

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