It is a wonderful time of year when we stand for long periods at holiday parties and cooking cookies, holiday treats, and turkeys. Although the heart and the stomach are full this time of year, our feet can sometimes suffer. Today Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County is sharing ways you can thank your feet this holiday season.

Holiday shopping

Warm-up your hamstring muscles and Achilles by stretching before going shopping. You’d be surprised how many steps you put in when going holiday shopping or to the grocery store. Cotton socks can absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. And be sure to distribute your shopping bags evenly. By placing too much weight on one side, the body compensates unevenly, leading to unnecessary pain.

Holiday cooking

Wear shoes with stiff soles, even when in the kitchen. If most of your walking is from the stove to the fridge, you’ll want a shoe that has a little bend beneath the arch. A cushioned mat to stand on will work wonders.

Holiday weather

Cold temperatures typically mean dry feet. Thick boots and socks can cause the skin to sweat and then dry out. It would be best if you always used moisturizing lotion on dry skin. Keep your feet warm and dry with comfortable socks. Warm Epsom salt foot soaks can help relieve inflammation, and for a spa-like treatment, add essential oils.

Think of Black Friday as your Super Bowl

If you go shopping this Black Friday, keep hydrated and frequently eat small meals. Take along some snacks to help keep your energy up. Have some ACE wraps and ice packs ready to go after what might be a long day. If you can take anti-inflammatories, do so in the morning with food before you start your day.

Now is the time of year to be thankful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season from all of us at the office of Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County. If you experience any issues with your feet, call us at (812) 481-7200 to schedule a consultation.