The Dangers of Charcot Foot

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Diabetic Foot Care

Throughout February, the Jasper Arts Center has been presenting “The Moment: Photojournalism of The Herald.” This collection of photographs captures the stories of people as told through a specific point in their lives. For those who live with diabetes, there are many points and choices that can affect the overall course of their living. You don’t want to miss these, and Charcot foot is a dangerous condition that can happen when you do.

The effects of diabetes can damage the nerves in the feet, creating numbness toward pain and essentially disabling the body’s alarm system if something goes wrong. This means that injuries such as wounds, sores, and even fractures can go unnoticed in diabetic feet.

As one continues walking on such an injured foot, the rate of damage easily exceeds the body’s ability to heal itself. Small cuts can turn into deep ulcers, fractures can progress and shift the structure of the foot, and infection can easily set in. This overall condition is known as Charcot foot, and it’s one of the worst foot problems someone with diabetes can suffer.

The point of bringing up Charcot foot is not to make you afraid of it. What kind of moments would you be able to create that way? On the contrary, we want you healthy and happy enough to make as many great moments as possible! There’s no need to worry about Charcot as long as you take a moment to inspect your feet daily for signs of injury or abnormality. Problems that are caught early are much easier to treat, so you can go on getting the most out of life!

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