Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, you need to equip yourself with the right winter boots for your specific needs. Not wearing the proper footwear for your surroundings and activities can create a dangerous situation for your feet. Today Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County is sharing tips for choosing the perfect winter boots.

  • Insulation: Keeping your feet warm and toasty is crucial when you’ll be outside for a long time, and the right type of insulation will help keep your body heat inside exactly where it belongs. For shorter periods in the cold, neoprene insulation can be a good choice because it’s durable and preserves its insulating characteristics over time, yet it’s still lightweight.
  • Traction: If you slip on ice or packed snow, it can lead to foot and ankle fractures and/or sprains. Boots with good anti-slip properties can help keep you upright. Look for large, deep lugs in the rubber of the outsole of your boots. A heel brake can add additional protection against slippery surfaces as it stands out from the rest of the outsole.
  • Waterproofing: This is one of the initial things you need to consider when selecting your perfect pair of winter boots. Extended periods spent with wet feet in the cold weather can be hazardous. When purchasing winter boots, make sure the literature that accompanies any boots confirms they are waterproof.
  • Comfort: The best safeguards against winter weather don’t mean anything if the boot isn’t comfortable and it allows your feet to move freely. Always try on boots before you purchase them. And when you do, wear the type of socks and orthotics (if you use them) that you will most likely wear with your boots. If you spend too long in ill-fitting boots that cramp your feet, they will pay the price in terms of heel blisters, pain in your heel, and other conditions.

If you need more advice on the best footwear for your needs this winter, the office of Dr. Timothy Barry of Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper in Dubois County. If you experience any issues with your feet, call us at (812) 481-7200 to schedule a consultation.