Heel & Arch Pain

Consider yourself lucky if the only thing that greets you in the morning is the sound of chirping birds and a newspaper. Many people also get a nasty jolt of stabbing heel pain upon their first steps of the day. Pain along the heel or arch is one of the most common complaints we receive, and that doesn’t include many more people out there who try to ignore this symptom or “shrug it off” as a part of life.

We’ll never stop saying it: no kind of foot pain is normal! We can help you find the source of your discomfort and provide the most effective treatments for your needs. Here are few of the culprits when it comes to painful heels or arches.

Plantar Fasciitis – By far the most frequent cause of heel pain out there, plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the thick length of tissue that connects the heel bone to the base of the toes. Its job is to support the arch of the foot, but extra stress and overuse can cause it to develop tiny tears and grow irritated. This can sometimes be associated with the development of a bony growth against the heel bone called a spur, but that in itself isn’t always a source of pain.

Bursitis – There is a fluid-filled sac between your heel bone and Achilles tendon called a bursa. It normally provides cushioning and protection, but can itself grow inflamed.

Flat Feet – A flattening of the arch can often come as a result of an abnormal gait—usually involving the foot rolling too far inward. This motion can cause an excess of stretching and pulling on the soft tissues that attach to the heel bone, causing inflammation and pain.

Achilles Tendinitis – The Achilles can be a troublesome tendon at times, especially if it gets overstretched or begins to develop small tears over time. This tends to be most common in people who run frequently, although some people have generally tight tendons that increase their risk. Achilles tendinitis creates pain and inflammation along the back of the heel.

Forms of Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder that sends your body’s defenses against the cartilage of your joints. Any joint can become affected, including those in the ankle and foot. Another kind of arthritis, gout, involves a painful buildup of sharp uric acid crystals within a joint, and most often attacks the base of the big toe.

The above is just a sampler platter; there are further causes of arch and heel pain that exist. When we identify a cause, we first attempt to treat it conservatively using treatments such as custom orthotics, physical therapy, and medications. If those don’t work, however, it is possible that surgery might become a consideration. It all depends on your individual case, lifestyle, and needs.

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