No two pairs of feet are the same, and the kinds of conditions that can affect the feet and ankles are too numerous to count—even if you use your toes. At Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper, we have years of experience in identifying and properly treating the problems that plague feet. Here are just some of our specialties when it comes to getting you and your family on their feet again.

Sports Injuries

Many athletes try to underestimate or “walk off” a foot or ankle injury when it occurs. Conditions such as ankle sprains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and bursitis can get in the way of regular training. We’re here to tell you not to ignore a suspected problem! Many problems can become progressively worse over time if not properly treated, and even what might be thought as a “minor” sprain can lead to chronic pain and instability over time if not healed correctly. We know you want to get back into the game, and we’ll get you active again as quickly and safely as possible.

Children’s Foot Care

Growing feet are changing feet, and it’s best to keep an eye on them to ensure nothing troublesome starts to develop in the process. From concerns about pediatric flatfoot to help with the “growing pains” of Sever’s disease in adolescents, we like to provide peace of mind for both child and family.

Diabetic Foot Care

The effects of diabetes can create serious problems in our feet. A combination of poor circulation and neuropathy can pave the way for undetected sores, which can then lead to major infections and, unfortunately, amputation. We can provide regular check-ups and care for diabetic feet, and help provide the advice and information that can keep them healthy for many years to come.

Common Foot Conditions

When the bones or ligaments of the foot become misaligned, it can create unsightly and painful complications such as bunions and hammertoes. Some people believe surgery is the only option to find relief from these deformities, but that’s not true. Custom orthotics and other treatments can help relieve the pain and discomfort in your feet without the need to go under the knife. In some cases, however, surgery may be the only option for pain relief. We’ll provide an expert examination, treatment, and advice for your specific circumstance.

Heel and Arch Pain

Do you have sharp, stabbing pain when you get out of bed in the morning? Does a day on the job leave you yearning to put your aching feet up as soon as you get home? These are not things you have to grin and bear! There are many sources of heel or arch pain. We can get to the source of yours and offer the orthotics, physical therapy, and other forms of treatment that can get you back to life pain-free. We treat all the above conditions and more for patients throughout Dubois County and surrounding areas, and we can help you too. Simply call Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper at (812) 481-7200 and schedule an appointment.

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