Our bodies are also built for smooth and efficient function. Walking, from our first steps, takes the coordination and balance of muscles, bones, and connective tissues all throughout our bodies. Orthotics are ways in which problem-causing imbalances can be relieved mitigated by helping to restore that proper function.

Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper is proud to provide a range of orthotic devices and shoes, including the QUADRASTEP System.

Function Follows Form

Orthotics Orthotics, also referred to as orthoses, are devices worn to provide correction for gait abnormalities and other imbalances in a person’s mechanical function. They are like corrective lenses for the eyes.

Sometimes an abnormal foot shape or misalignment can interfere with the distribution of weight in the feet, ankles, and even knees, legs, and hips. This can lead to excessive stress being placed on certain areas, leading to discomfort, strain, and injury. An orthotic device that corrects or counters this misplacement of force can help relieve pain and restore full movement.

In other cases, an already existing condition such as bunions or Achilles tendinitis can greatly benefit from a device that shifts pressure off the affected area, providing a reduction in pain and/or a chance to heal more efficiently.

An orthotic device can even be used by someone with no existing conditions as a proactive measure, especially if they have lifestyle or activity that places extra stress on the feet. Someone who has a job that requires a high number of hours of standing, for example, could receive extra alignment and cushioning through orthoses, while someone engaged in sports can find greater stability and additional protection against injuries.

Types of Orthotics and QUADRASTEPS

Orthotics fall into two general categories, but it is possible for a device to possess qualities of both types.

  • Functional Orthotics are designed to provide support to foot shape and gait abnormalities, such as flatfoot. They also tend to be made for shock absorption.
  • Accommodative Orthotics often take the forms of braces, bars, and splints. Their primary functions tend to be relieving mild foot pain and providing mild correction.

Many items that can be purchased over-the-counter, but certain devices are much more likely to provide the best solutions to your problems. QUADRASTEPS orthotics are one-piece inserts specifically designed to treat the structural and functional problems that may arise between certain foot types. Click on the image below to learn more about these different types and the conditions they commonly face.


Children suffer from many similar abnormalities as adults and can often benefit from orthotics, too! Learn more about littleSTEPS orthotics by clicking below.


At Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper, we can provide a thorough examination of your discomfort and its causes. Your age, career, activities, and physical condition will all come into consideration. If orthoses can work for you, we will prescribe the right devices just for you. Our on-site store also carries a wide variety of orthotic shoes that can make feet of all shapes and types happier in their day-to-day use.

Never ignore foot pain or try to pass it off as a “part of life.” Pain is never normal, and we can help you find the best solutions to your discomfort—whether they take the form of orthotics or another treatment. Call our office across from IGA at (812) 481-7200 to schedule an appointment and get started today.

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