The Virtues of Vionic Shoes

The human body is a marvelous construction, and the feet are its foundation. The feet are structured to evenly distribute tremendous amounts of weight and force placed on them through everyday movement. When the feet are in proper alignment, these demands are often met without any issue. Unfortunately, many people suffer pain and discomfort from an abnormal foot structure. That’s where Vionic footwear with Orthaheel technology can come into play.

Getting Feet Back in Line

Many people suffer from a misalignment in the feet. This often shows as the feet rolling inward too far when walking or running, which is medically known as overpronation. There should be some natural rolling of the foot in human motion, but overpronating can cause discomfort and problems all the way up the body. Overpronation and other misalignment problems often contribute to heel pain as the forces of the body are unevenly distributed and place undue stress on certain areas. Plantar fasciitis, the inflammation of the thick tissue along the bottom of the foot, is commonly caused by misalignment. The disruption of natural distributions of force can extend further up the leg, resulting in knee pain, and can even contribute to lower back pain as well. Vionic footwear is designed to support the natural shape and arches of the feet, helping to keep them in proper alignment and alleviate the pain of improperly distributed weight. These orthotic shoes are built with deep heel cups, a firm-yet-flexible midsole, and a footbed technologically designed to provide a more natural give against the foot. The result for many is increased comfort throughout the day, whether at work or leisure.

A Vionic for Your Lifestyle

Vionic Shoes at Family Foot and Ankle It’s time to stop thinking of orthotic shoes as clunky, beige holding cells for your feet. Vionic footwear comes in a multitude of styles and colors to ensure your confidence feels as good as your feet. Vionic walking shoes are a great fit for those who like to get out on the go. Comfortable Orthaheel technology comes in a breathable package that reduces friction and keeps moisture away from the skin, helping to prevent blisters. Certain models also focus on mid-foot stabilization or additional cushioning in the front of the foot. Most models of sandals and flip-flops are notorious for lacking the proper support for feet, often contributing to further pain and problems over time. Vionic has improved upon the design of these open-toed shoes to provide lasting correction and stability. When you just want something soft and comfortable at home, there are Vionic slippers for that, too! Not only do walking shoes, sandals and flip-flops come in both men’s and women’s models, but our slippers do too! Whatever you are looking for, however, the staff at Family Foot & Ankle Care of Jasper is well versed in the world of Vionics and will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and tastes. It is also possible that your feet might benefit from something more than just orthotic shoes. If this is the case, Dr. Barry can design a treatment plan just for you. Our office across from IGA is ready to serve the podiatric needs of your entire family, big and small! Give us a call at (812) 481-7200 or use our online form to take the first steps toward reclaiming comfort.

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