Why We’re Thankful for Attentive Parents

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Children's Foot Care

Parents are on the front lines of their children’s lives. They see their sports games, attend concerts, check report cards, and know when their child is sick. Keeping children healthy is an important part of raising them with strong bodies and preparing them for being responsible for their own health in their adult years. That’s why we’re so thankful for attentive parents! Parents, your children may or may not notice, recognize, or bring up foot problems, but by paying attention to your son or daughter, you can recognize when something is not right and seek out help.

Children’s feet aren’t exactly like yours as an adult. They are more flexible, still growing, and subject to problems that do not affect adults in the same way. Taking care of them is important for helping your children develop strong, healthy foundations that carry them through life.

What can make taking care of children’s feet so difficult is that, often, children aren’t able to verbalize their discomfort, or don’t want to tell their parents they are struggling with pain. Attentive parents, however, notice when something changes and isn’t quite right for their son or daughter’s lower limbs. During a regular inspection of the feet and toes at bath time, maybe you notice some nails are looking irritated, ingrown, or infected. Maybe you realize your child suddenly doesn’t want his or her feet touched or played with anymore. Maybe you notice your child is limping or walking funny, or has started avoiding their favorite running games and sports. Maybe your child actually tells you something hurts, but they aren’t sure how to describe it.

Attentive parents catch the hints and subtle changes in their children’s feet and behaviors, and recognize that they are signs of an underlying problem. Then you do what you must: investigate the source of the problem. You are the reason your sons and daughters are able to get help for foot issues, even when they don’t or can’t do anything about it themselves.

That’s why we are incredibly thankful for all our attentive parents. Your dedication to your children’s foot health helps them get the care they need.

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